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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge planning or membership fees?

No.  We do not charge a planning fee or membership fee.  

Are you an accredited agency?

Through our affiliation with Travel Leaders Network, a leading travel consortium in the United States, we are affiliated with leading professional organizations such as IATN, CLIA, ASTA, and uphold the highest in travel industry ethics.  

Do you meet clients in person? What areas of Houston do you serve?

Yes, we love meeting with clients in person and prefer to do so if their schedule allows. Our clients are located throughout The Woodlands and Greater Houston area.

Are there any types of travel that you do not book?

Our expertise focuses solely on premium to ultra-luxury categories of travel.  Additionally, we do not book anything related to hunting.  


What certifications with suppliers has your agency earned?

We consistently keep up with continued learning from our suppliers.  Sara is a graduate of several programs including the Tahiti Tourism Board, Seabourn Academy, Ponant Academy, among many, many others. 

Why use a travel advisor?

By using a knowledgeable travel advisor, you are accessing deep product knowledge and resources, as well as perks, the best rates, and booking abilities not available to the general public.  At Refined Travel and Tours, we offer 24/7 support from your departure date until you return. 


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